How to build a Campfire

On this picture you see a fire, which is built from branches stacked against eachother in a pyramid form.

When building a fire, its important to live by these rules:


You will need:

3 Buckets or Jerry cans of Water next to the fire.

1 Fire Extingusher.

12 big logs of wood, one meter length each.

1 lighter.

A big pile of wooden branches.

A big pile of Wood.

500 grams of Dried grass.

12 books, to start the fire with a page or two.

A barrel, cut in half.

A metal grid, to put over the barrel.

An army shovel.

An Axe to cut wood.

An Axe Sharpener.


Dont do this:

NEVER EVER use gasoline, petrol or ANY liquids to start a fire.

You and others will get burned.


What to do?


Dig a square pit with the size two meter by two meter and:

10 centimetres deep.

Put 2 small logs of wood ( BIGGER than 50 cm Diametres, solid ) around every side.


Second ring: 

Picture one:

This kind of logs need to be used to sit upon.

They form the second ring of wood.


Picture two:

This is an impression of what kind of logs I mean for surrounding the inside and outside of the circle.


How to start a fire?

1) set up 15 branches  in a pyramid form, within the center of the pit.

2) Put the Dried grass within the center of the wood.

3) use the Lighter to put on a page of a magazine and start the fire.


How to extinguish the fire?

There are three methods:


A) let it burn until its burnt out.

But stay with it until it does.


B) Toss 3 buckets of water at the base of the pyramid of wood and wait until the smoke is gone.


C) In extreme situations: Use the Extinguisher.


A Barbeque: 


THE two pieces of oil BARREL:

Hinge them together with METAL hinges.

Put two chains on each side.


Put big pieces of wood into them, in the form of a pyramid.

Then put the grid over the half you use to barbeque...


When properly done, This is the result.

( Pic 3)