Build your personal equipment backpack.

You need: 

1 Hiking Backpack

1 sleeping bag suitable for minus 20 degrees.

1 isolation mat.

1 complete One man Pitch tent with pegs and canvas.

1 mug, cup and a plate made of Solid plastic 

1 Bottle for saving water

1 plastic sealed map.

1 compass.

1 thick swiss army knife.

1 metal Dustbin and Brush.

1 flashlight, preferably MagLite.


1 Sealable Lunch box.

3 water bottles.

1 lighter.

2 boxes of matches.

A portable one pit gasbased stove

3 gas units for the portable stove 

1 metal portable pan with handle.

1 Plastic hammer for the tent.

2 potatoe knives.

3 bottles of deodorant

1 Legal container to be used as a replacement of pepper spray.

1 Army shovel ( to protect the tent against water )

3 wound sisal ropes.

1 working cell phone.

1 USB cable.

1 Solar PowerCell compatible with USB to charge the phone.

Some goodies to trade.


And you need 300 euros used ONLY for emergency spending.


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