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How to build an Encampment for 50 people.

When You are a group of Refugees but have done nothing wrong, it can be nice to know how to stick together and build an Encampment you can protect.

It might be wise, when You live in places like Syria or Iraq, to go away from dangerous areas like bombed towns or jihad threats.

In that case It might be the best when you build this encampment within a forest, on open ground surrounded by trees.

Locate it near a river, on a hill.

So you can see trouble as soon it comes your way.


Variants may be used, but 

I'll use the Dutch version of the Scouting System that I know:

When in a War Zone, I recommend that you try to get as much as possible from the following list from empty houses and then just leave town.

It may also be wise to jack some guns and ammunition of corpses, so you can protect your group.

Especially in Syria.



A big truck to put it all in...


Kitchen Tent equipment:

Set of Wooden Poles for one group of 7 men.

Multiply this entire kitchen list by the number of 7 men groups you have.


 Each set including:

6 short poles. About one meter 50 each and a Diameter of 10 Centimeters.

7 Long poles. About 3 meters each. Diameter of 15 Centimeters each.

4 Big long poles: About 3 meters each. Diametres 20 centimetres each.

1 Kitchen Canvas, Rain Resistant  ( to pull over the roof of the kitchen ).


Ropes of The Best kind: each set including;

10 thick ropes with a length of 3 meters.

6 sisal ropes of 5 meters each.

A weather proof Table Blade sized 1.50 Meters by 40 centimeters.


An Army Box including the following items for 7 men.

×1 Roadmap

×1 Army Compass

×1 handSaw

×2 boxes of Brillo cleaning cloths.

×1 plastic wash basin.

×1 Kettle

×1 portable 20 litres Jerry Can for water, with a plastic crane on it.

×1 Set of Metal Pottery, pans and utensils:  ( big enough for 7 persons each kitchen unit).

A working portable 3 pit cooking stove with 2 Gas bottles including a hose and a piece to put it upon the mouth of the bottle.

And a circular piece used to mount and seal the hose upon the stove.

×A tool box: including 6 potatoe knifes, 3 screw drivers, compatible for the gas unit or the stove and 10 units of spare rope. 

( five of them normal rope and 5 Sisal Rope ).

×12 lighters.

×4 big boxes of Long Matches.

×7 plates with 7 mugs and 7 soup mugs.

Including 7 times the needed Utensils.

×2 times a Rubber Hammer to beat tent pegs into the ground.

×A cloth bag for tent pegs.

×2 times a little army shovel.

×4 bottles of Detergents.

×A Metal Collander.

×A Metal Whisk, or Beat.

×A Rubber Spoon.

×3 solid Wooden Spoons.

×One big Swiss Army Knife.

×A Dustpan and 2 Brushes. ( made of Metal ).

×A working prepaid SmartPhone with a batch of Suncells and a USB cable to Charge it.

×An Oil Lamp with a can of Petrolium and an approved fuse cloth.

×A windable Flashlight.

×A Mag Lite flash Light.

×8 batteries; that Fit the Mag Lite. 

×A radio or world receiver ( preferably windable or with 2 sets of Batteries ).

×3 times an Excellent 4 person Tent. Per kitchen unit of 7 men.

   Complete, including storm ropes, pegs, a canvas big enough to fit         under the tent, and tent poles.

×14 Referee Whistles on 14 Rope necklaces. Whistles preferably Metal.

×A working set of 10 tranceivers including 2 Mikes with working Cables.

×A BackPack big enough to put the tranceivers and some batteries in.

×A metal container of shoeshine ( metal, not glass, glass freezes and breaks ).

×A sharp Axe with an Axe polisher.

×3 times a big weatherproof pot of Salt.

×3 times a weatherproof pot of Pepper and also other herbs.

×A plastic pot of sambal.

×3 sealed bags of sugar.

×A Bag of Coffee.

×A pack of full one person Coffee milk containers.

× plastic pot to keep the open sugar in.

×7 SOLID PLASTIC plates, 7 PLASTIC cups, 7 PLASTIC mugs and Metal Utensils. ( not the throwaway Birthday kinds of plastic ) 


Until sofar the 7 men unit equipment.


Extra Kitchen Equipment:

You need a place to wash and store foods: 


×In it there must be running water and electricity.

×A Big Fridge and a big Freezer box.

×You need 4 washing Machines and 4 dryers.

×A big Kitchen Table with a Sink and a Drain.

×A 6 Pit big Stove with corresponding cables and Gas Units.

×8 times a 50 litres jerry can of water.

×A set of METAL pottery and pans to cook for 100 people.

×Herbs to cook for 100 people.

×SOLID PLASTIC Plates, mugs, cups and utensils for 10 people ( the cooking staff ).

×Washing powder enough to wash the clothes of 10.000 men.

×And enough storage for the foods.


A Toilet Tent.

×1 complete square toilet tent.

×1 Something to sit on.

×1 shovel.

×Enough Toilet Paper

( Dig a hole of 1.5 sQuare metres big and 2 metres deep. and put the tent over it.

Leave the shovel in the tent so you can cover your "Shit" with the pile of dirt you created by making the hole.

Warning: Dont go to this tent when there is rain or a Storm in progress.


A shower tent:

A half open metal pipe with a shower on it.

10 wooden boards of which.

×6 = one meter 50

×4 = 2 metres.

1× A normal rope.

Of this you make a construction on which you can hang the shower installation..


A Shower tent:

You need:

1* An Outdoor shower.

1* Complete  Shower tent.


Also you need a Fixed source to collect water from.


When you search for a water source It has to be

A) Flowing.

B) Clean

C) Fresh


The best is to have at least One faucet, which is connected to the main Waterflow.

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